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Kościół farny Bożego Ciała Biecz

Corpus Christi Church in Biecz

Kościół z cegły z dachem krytym blachą, widziany z góry. Wokół inne budynki.
ul. Kromera 16a, 38-340 Biecz Tourist region: Pogórza
tel. +48 134471017
tel. +48 694856363
tel. +48 600435261
It is considered one of the most beautiful examples of late-Gothic sacred architecture in Poland.
The temple was built between the end of the 15th century and 1521. Currently, it is the most characteristic element of the Biecz landscape. Inside, there are many valuable relics of the past, inter alia, the Mannerist main altar of 1604, late-Gothic bronze baptismal font from the 15th century or twelve side altars representing various styles. The author of polychrome in the chancel was Włodzimierz Tetmajer.