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Sobór Świętej Trójcy Gorlice

Holy Trinity Orthodox Sobor (Sobór Świętej Trójcy) in Gorlice

Zza drzew o jesiennych barwach, wyłania się fragment dachu cerkwi z okrągłą wieżą z oknami z łukami, z dużą baniastą kopułą zwieńczoną u góry. Niżej z małą wieżyczką. Z tyłu zalesione wzgórze.

ul. św. Maksyma 2, 38-300 Gorlice Tourist region: Beskid Sądecki i Niski

tel. +48 183526989
tel. +48 607094177
Religions, cultures, traditions and nationalities mixed here in the Gorlice region. Their symbol is the Orthodox Cathedral Sobor as well as the parish church in Gorlice.

In the 15th century, there was already an Orthodox church in Gorlice and its icon of St Nicholas can be found in a museum in Lviv. The church, built in 1986–1991 on the Greek cross plan in the Byzantine-Ruthenian style, is crowned with a blue main dome surrounded by four smaller ones. In 1991 it was consecrated by His Eminence Metropolitan Basil. The church is a monument to the martyrdom of father Maxim Sandovych, accused of favouring Russia, who was executed without trial by Austrian soldiers in the courtyard of the Gorlice court on 6 September 1914. In 1994, a canonisation ceremony of Father Maxim took place in the church, and it was the first canonisation on this land in the history of the Orthodox Church. Since 2007, the relics of St. Maxim Gorlice, transferred from Zdynia, have rested here. It is worth seeing the iconostasis inside it, which came from a Orthodox church in Bieszczady destroyed in the post-war period.  In 2014, a copy of the Iviron Icon of the Mother of God, written by monks from the Monastery of Iviron on Holy Mount Athos, was installed here. The church belongs to the Gorlice deanery of the Przemyśl-Ogorlice diocese of the Polish Autocephalous Orthodox Church. In 2016 it became the cathedral of the diocese of Przemyśl-Gorlice. Since 1999, there is a Diocesan Museum in the presbytery.

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