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Muzeum Nowej Huty Kraków

Museum of Nowa Huta

Duży plac z kostki brukowej, a zanim budynek Muzeum Nowej Huty. Po lewej i prawej stronie widać jesienne drzewa,

Osiedle Centrum E 1, 31-934 Kraków Tourist region: Kraków i okolice

tel. +48 124467821
In the cinema room, one can listen to stories about the creation of the perfect city, the experience of the Cold War and socialism. Those who go down to the air raid shelter can see the exhibition 'Atomic Horror. The Shelters in Nowa Huta'.

Once an 'perfect' workers' town, today a district of Krakow that attracts tourists with its socialist realist architecture. The Museum of Nowa Huta reveals the different facets of the district's history. The museum is based in the former Światowid cinema on the Centrum E housing estate in Nowa Huta. Located in Nowa Huta, the youngest branch of the Museum of Krakow, collects various objects related to the district. Both from the present day and from the period before the city and the factory were founded, i.e., before 1949. The facility was established after the merger of the Museum of the People's Republic of Poland and the 'Nowa Huta Sunshine', i.e., the ‘History of Nowa Huta’ exhibition located in the Scouts' Station on the Słoneczne Housing Estate. The branch's staff collect and compile all sorts of materials depicting the history of Nowa Huta, but not only of the factory and socialist realist housing estates, but also of former mansions, palaces and churches built before 1949. The research work here focuses on the architecture and urban planning of the 'old' part of Nowa Huta including the Administrative Centre of the steel factory, the history of the area of today's Nowa Huta up to 1949, the history of the Church and opposition in Nowa Huta, and the oldest industrial facilities within the area of the steel factory. A new attraction is the opportunity to visit (individually or with a guide) the shelter under the building of Mechanical Education School Complex No. 3 at Szkolny 37 housing estate – as part of the exhibition 'Underground Nowa Huta. State of Emergency' exhibition.

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