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Kościół Wszystkich Świętych Górka Kościelnicka Kraków

All Saints’ Church in Kraków-Górka Kościelnicka

Niewielki niski drewniany kościół. Wokół trawa i kilka drzew.

Podbiałowa 6, 31-199 Kraków Tourist region: Kraków i okolice

tel. +48 126450585
tel. +48 602696931
All Saints’ Church was built in 1646-48 under the patronage of Barbara Morsztynowa, the Kościelnik landlord.
It is a late gothic church. The nave and chancel are covered by a shingled one-ridge polygonal roof. The interior is covered by false arched vaulting which, along with the walls, is covered with polychrome decoration dating from 1909. The church fittings include C18th rococo altars. The main altar contains a C17th painting of Our Angelic Lady, while the side altars contain the C18th Christ and the Samaritan Woman and_The Sacred Heart of Jesus from 1952-56. Next to the church stands a brick gate and bell tower, endowed by Józef Wodzicki in 1823. Górka Kościelnicka (now belonging to the district of Nowa Huta) was formerly a part of the so-called Kościelnickie State. The previous name of the village was Górka Wrzodowa. Until World War II, there was a farm here belonging to the Kościelnicki estate along with the breeding ponds.

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