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Nowa Huta Kraków

Nowa Huta

Widok w słoneczny dzień na dzielnicę Krakowa Nową Hutę z lotu ptaka, dużo betonowych bloków, pomiędzy nimi rosną drzewa. Niebo częściowo z chmurami.

lac Centralny, 31-934 Kraków Tourist region: Kraków i okolice

Nowa Huta was the industrial district of Kraków and the pride of the Socialist-Realist period in Poland. Construction began in 1949 in the village of Mogiła, and the first block of flats (Wandy 14 Estate) was erected here. The Socialist-Realist buildings were erected in the years 1953-1956 – in just three years, the authorities built most of the district. The metallurgical plant was built between 1949 and 1954, covering a vast area.
Today, the oldest part of the district – the Central Square and the surrounding neighbourhoods, as well as the administrative centre of the former Tadeusz Sendzimir Steelworks and meadows – are under the protection of the monument conservator. However, Nowa Huta offers more than just Socialist-Realist architecture – it is also home to the Cistercian Monastery in Mogiła, the historic wooden Church of St Bartholomew in Mogiła, erected in the 15th century, Jan Matejko's manor house, fortifications and the Mound of Wanda, built around the turn of the 7th and 8th centuries. According to legend, it is the grave of Wanda, the daughter of Prince Krakus, the founder of Kraków. The famous district of Kraków, built in line with the principles of Socialist Realism, once avoided by tourist, now teems with life – mainly thanks to the local residents. It is one of the green lungs of the city and an attractive district with numerous must-see locations. The heart of Nowa Huta – a truly unique place in Kraków – is the Ronald Reagan Central Square, shaped like a pentagon. It is the central hub of the district – a green area for pedestrians and a major transit hub. The buildings surrounding the square feature beautiful arcades and decorative balconies, which are worth seeing in the spring. One of the offshoots of the Central Square is Róż Avenue – one of the biggest attractions of Nowa Huta. It starts with an attractive promenade with the famous Stylowa Restaurant and the Centralny Milk Bar, which take the visitors back in time to the Polish People's Republic. It may also be worth your while to visit the Nowa Huta Cultural Centre and the Museum of the Armed Act in Kraków. Nowa Huta has no shortage of areas for recreation – residents can go to Ratuszowy Park, where, apart from walking, one can even play chess. Another delightful place is the Nowa Huta Reservoir, surrounded by playgrounds, beaches, kayak rentals and many other attractions, especially during the summer. The monuments of Nowa Huta also include Jan Matejko's manor house in Krzesławice, the Cistercian Abbey and the historic wooden Church of St Bartholomew in Mogiła, as well as the Mound of Wanda, built at the turn of the 7th and 8th centuries.

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