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Muzeum Regionalne Ziemi Limanowskiej Limanowa

Regional Museum of Limanowa in Limanowa

budynek muzeum

ul. Józefa Marka 13, 34-600 Limanowa Tourist region: Gorce i Beskid Wyspowy

tel. +48 183372042
26,000 exhibits, several permanent exhibitions and a workshop offer. Housed in the historic Manor House of the Mars family, who had a huge impact on the development of the town and the local community for almost a century, the museum provides insight into the history, culture and tradition of the Limanowa region.

The museum has its own scientific library and archive collections. Noteworthy are the permanent exhibitions, such as the pharmacy of Klementyna Bączkowska (early 19th to mid-20th century) and Poland's largest collection of foreign coins, comprising of 359 pieces from the 18th to the 20th century. In the manor house, visitors can also admire sketches and drawings by Maksymilian Brożek, as well as an interactive exhibition devoted to the First World War and the Battle of Limanowa in 1914. In the central part of the building there is a conference and banquet room arranged in the Louis Philippe style, furnished with original furniture used by the former owners of the manor – the noble Mars family. The Museum offers workshops, meetings, lectures, open-air artistic activities, and attractions for both children and adults.

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