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Rynek Podziemny Kraków

Rynek Underground Kraków

Wnętrze Rynku Podziemnego, gdzie po prawej znajduje się duży fragment skały. Po lewej na ścianach zawieszone są przeszklone opisy. Po bokach rozmieszczone są przeszklone gabloty, w którym znaleźć można wydobyte podczas prac odkrywkowych fragmenty minerałów lub dawnych przyrządów.

Rynek Główny 1, 31-042 Kraków Tourist region: Kraków i okolice

tel. +48 124265060
Rynek Underground is a real mine of knowledge about the past of Kraków.
The tourist route – "Following the traces of European identity of Kraków" presents not only the rich history of Kraków, but also the relations that link the city with the most important centres of trade and culture in medieval Europe. The archaeological reserve, unique in Europe, created as a result of archaeological research conducted in 2005–2010 in the eastern part of the Main Market Square, gives the opportunity to admire the found treasures and learn about the turbulent history of medieval Kraków. It also shows the importance of the medieval capital of Poland in the activities of the Hanseatic Union. The collected exhibits, such as coins from the 14th century, ornaments and ceramic vessels, confirm the tradition of the European cultural and trade exchange lasting for hundreds of years. The exhibition also introduces visitors to the everyday life in Kraków from a few centuries ago. When visiting the exhibition "Following the traces of European identity of Kraków", you can feel the atmosphere of the medieval market square. This is emphasized by, among others, by noises of commercial transactions that accompany visitors. The exhibition is also enriched with interesting models and multimedia.

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