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Schronisko PTTK Orlica Szczawnica

PTTK Mountain Hostel Orlica Szczawnica

Budynek schroniska PTTK Orlica w Szczawnicy, przy schronisku taras z drewnianymi stołami i ławami i turyści

Pienińska 12, 34-460 Szczawnica Tourist region: Pieniny i Spisz

tel. +48 182622245
tel. +48 533999215
The year-round Orlica Mountain Hostel is a gorgeous atmospheric place on the edge of the spa town of Szczawnica, which can be reached from the hostel via a charming promenade along Grajcarek Creek. It has a beautiful, long tradition and a lot of soul. It's very easy to read the building's history in, for example, the original, unchanged structure of the building, which retains as faithfully as possible the original appearance of the villa from the 1930s, when this unique Pieniny mountain guesthouse came into being. Several renovations to date (including general ones) have preserved the remarkable upper structure with its steeply sloped roofs wooden terraces and balconies. Care has also been taken to provide intimate wood-finished interiors with a warm, homey feel. The hostel, located just off the Pieniny Way, provides a fantastic view of Sokolica, Czertezik, and the surrounding forests, and anextraordinary panorama of the Dunajec Gorge.

The hostel has 44 beds in bright, wood-scented three-, four-, and five-bedroom apartments, most with en-suite bathrooms. Each apartment has a TV, free internet access, and windows looking out onto the surrounding peaks. There is also a barbecue gazebo, bicycle rental and parking lot. The restaurant serves tasty regional dishes and Polish cuisine, prepared on-site from nature's bounty – Janosik pancakes, shepherd dumplings, oven-baked trout with  garlic butter and lemon, delightfully sweet chocolate cake, and apple pie with whipped cream -- all reign supreme here. The hostel's water intake is fed by spring water straight from the Pieniny National Park.

The site's convenient location makes it an excellent base for tourists and holidaymakers who prefer to be active. There is a rafting harbour and a border crossing point so you can use the hiking trails nearby in Slovakia. Trails to Palenica, Sokolica, Trzy Korony, and Wysoka are also nearby. It is an ideal place for lovers of the mountains, cyclists, skiers and people fond of Nordic walking, and above all, anyone who loves the mountains.

The hostel offers exceptional stay and activity packages for families, companies, and schools, and it organises meetings, excursions, and sleigh rides.

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