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Kościół świętego Sebastiana i Matki Boskiej Różańcowej Jurgów

Jurgów, Church of St. Sebastian and Our Lady of the Rosary

Niewielki kościółek z ciemnego drewna pokryty gontowym dachem. Po prawej w niższej części kościoła otwarte drzwi,  trzy stopnie przed nimi i ścieżka. Po lewej przed kościołem na trawie, pomiędzy dwoma grubymi konarami drzew, kapliczka z figurą ukrzyżowanego Chrystusa. Wokół korony drzew i bezchmurne niebo.

Jurgów 1, 34-532 Jurgów Tourist region: Pieniny i Spisz

tel. +48 182077942
This small church was erected in the second half of the 17th century, most probably in 1675. The brick sacristy and chapel are the result of the 20th century extension. The oblong building is covered with a shingled roof.
Shingle aso covers all the walls of the church, including the brick ones. As opposed to the previously described buildings, the church has no tower, while the free-standing belfry from the end of the 19th century is different in its character from the main church building. Another distinctive feature of the church in Jurgów is the opulent Rococo interior, which is quite surprising considering the modest silhouette of the church. The walls andd ceilings are covered with colourful paintings from 1813, while the lavishly gilded altars and sculptures lend the entire interior its unmistakable character.

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