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Kościół świętego Maksymiliana Marii Kolbego Mistrzejowice Kraków

St. Maksymilian Maria Kolbe’s Church in Mistrzejowice in Krakow

Wejście do nowoczesnego kościoła po wysokich schodach.

os. Tysiąclecia 86, 31-610 Kraków Tourist region: Kraków i okolice

tel. +48 123818482
tel. +48 608124739
The Church with modern architecture, excellently matched with the surrounding landscape, was built in the years 1976-1983.
One of the largest churches of Krakow, it may accommodate 5,000 worshippers. The walls of the two-level temple are tiled with the slabs of white Pińczów stone and red Szydłowiec sandstone. In the altar, there is the statue of Christ by Bronisław Chromy. The church was consecrated by Pope John Paul II during his second pilgrimage to his motherland in 1983. The object on the route “In the Footsteps of John Paul II in Krakow”

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