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Sanktuarium świętego Karola Boromeusza Niepołomice

The Shrine of St Charles Borromeo in Niepołomice

Niewielki kościół z cegły, częściowo pomalowany na jasny kolor, na pierwszym planie rowerzysta objeżdżający rondo
Piękna 2, 32-005 Niepołomice Tourist region: Kraków i okolice
tel. +48 122811041
tel. +48 609811041
A precious work of architecture is the Parish Church of Ten Thousand Martyrs founded and built by King Kazimierz the Great in the 14th century. Near the church, you find the Shrine of St Charles Borromeo, a 16th century Bishop of Milan and pious restorer of the Church after the Council of Trent. The history of the worship of the Saint in Niepołomice dates back to 1604, when Anna Branicka, a local aristocrat, regained control of her legs, thanks to the intercession of the Saint. In 1640, the Chapel of St Charles Borromeo was built adjacent to the church and had the miraculous painting of the saint placed there. The veneration of St Charles Borromeo was strongly supported by Cardinal Wojtyła, especially after the Second Vatican Council. The Cardinal presented the Saint as the symbol of renewal and reform in the Church. Two major church festivals are held every year in the Niepołomice shrine: the feast of St Charles on the 4th of November, and the feast of Ten Thousand Martyrs on the 22nd of June.
Niepołomice is a small but lively town on the edge of the vast ancient forest known as Puszcza Niepołomicka (the Primeval Forest of Niepołomice). The town itself is famous for its historic heritage that includes a Renaissance Royal Castle.