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Dom Jana Matejki Kraków

The House of Jan Matejko, Krakow

Wejście do kamienicy z tablicami informacyjnymi.

ul. Floriańska 41, 31-019 Kraków Tourist region: Kraków i okolice

tel. +48 124335960
Here you will learn how the painter Jan Matejko, the author of monumental works about the most important events in the history of Poles, lived. In the tenement house where he was born, lived and worked, there is the oldest biographical museum in Poland devoted to various aspects of his life and activities.

6 thousand exhibits. Among them, personal belongings of Matejko and his family, Teodora's wife and children, items he collected throughout his life, letters, official documents, jubilee memorabilia, and most of all the artist's paintings and drawings. After the artist's death, the Matejko Society began to strive for a biographical museum devoted to the great Polish painter. With much time and effort, the house was bought from the family, and exhibits related to the figure of Jan Matejko and his family were systematically gathered. They were presented to the public for the first time as early as 1898. The House of Jan Matejko is not your average museum. It is a journey, which allows for a very deep understanding of the life and creativity of the artist. It is as if the master himself invited us into his home - an old Krakow tenement house on ul. Floriańska, with which he was associated all his life. Here, we will see a permanent and temporary exhibition related to Matejko's interests. The branch also conducts educational activities: museum lessons, art workshops for children, meetings with music and a series of lectures, Thursdays at the Matejko Family.

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